The stage is set for verification of membership in BSNL through Secret Ballot. The real fight is between FNTO and NFTE. So our cadres should prepare in the coming weeks on how to take on NFTE and defend FNTO from their slandering campaign. For the last more than 6 months NFTE is propagating that FNTO and NFTE will merge to fight the election though we had decided in January at VALSAD to fight it alone to protect our identity. When we were approached through UNI, we said a firm NO. The Merger bogey is created to contain exodus from their camp and also to keep our cadres dull. We should understand their trick and react suitably. No body can claim as No.1 before election is over. Quoting the figures of last verification is irrelevant as all the parties did not participate in it and a separate verification was conducted for NFTE, E-3. Further that verification was conducted through check off system.

FNTO is uniformly spread all over the country. Atleast in 3 states NFTE means it is only Namudri group. There the fight is between FNTO and BSNLEU. RTEU, P & T Mazdoor Union (Industrial Workers), Stenographers Association (AITSA) have joined with us. Till yesterday, Nambudari Group was with NFTE and cannot claim any achievement. Their non-participation in September 2000 Strike (when the basic issue of job security, pension financial viability are settled) exposed not only their bankruptcy of ideology but also their pseudo strength. Our achievement on Time Bound Promotion, Bonus, Pension, Higher wages, Restructuring Scheme, Security of Job, is unparallel. NFTE has diluted the workers demand on many occasions but FNTO stood firm to clinch the issues. NFTE preferred only Exams, latest example is getting EDP scale for Sr.TOA. Diverting the direct recruitment quota to departmental candidates for absorption as JTO is our achievement against all odds.

Average Telecom Worker is silent but is judgement will be revealed in the ensuing verification of membership. Sure, we shall overcome others.

Secretary General.

Meeting with Jt clc on 13/8/2001

In the meeting with Sri Mukobadyay Jt CLC, Central Labour Ministry on 13/8/2001 FNTO stressed that in the intrest of both Industry and workers, it is desirable to have more than union. We also emphasised that the verifications should be done through Secret Ballot. There will be another Meeting with BSNL on the subject on 12/9/2001.

Meeting with CMD BSNL on 14/8/2001

The following items given by FNTO were discussed.

(1) Gr IV promotion Time Bound, isolated cadres and pending HRD issuses referred to Restructuring Committee.

(2) Rent Free Phone-We insisted restortation of STD, connection to residence beyound 8 km, no recovery for enhance rent etc.. Discussion likely in Sep 2001.

(3) EDP Scale : TheCMD is relcutant to take a decision as NFTE insists on exam for non-graduates, we have asked to expediate decision.

(4)GR-VI For Phone Machanic Dully Counting the feeder cadre service.

It was agree to issue the orders. FNTO protested against he inordinate delay.

Medical Facility

New Policy may be announced in Oct. 2001

Compassionate appointments

A High Power Commettee will look into the cases.

Incentive to staff

Under consideration the Board.

Restructuring of stenographers

The CMD told that praposals from DOT is received and actions one under progress to implement the scheme.

Meeting with Member (service) on 23/8/2001

Certain issues are referred to DoPT.Staff side insisted settlement of pension related cases before issue of Presidential declaration on absorption of GR-C,D cadres.


Since the last AICWC held at Pune, this is the 4th Circular communicated by the CHQ. As I explained, in my earlier circulars as per the decision of the All India Working Committe, I had written letters to All General Secretaries of other unions regarding the possibility of an alliance/merger of our union with any of them.

In the letter, I have asked them to convey their views on the pay scale of technical cadres and their promotional avenues in BSNL. Sri O.P. Gupta, Secretary General, NFTE, Sri V.A.N. Nambudari, General Secretary, AITEU, Sri Thomas John K, General Secretary, FNTO and sri Vallinayagam, Secretary General, FNTO have contacted me over phone. I have inisisted them to convey their views in writing.

But, only Sri Thomas John, General secretary, FNTO has written a detaild letter in reply.

Though I had met Sri Mallikarjun, Secretary, General, B.T.E.F. in person, he did not evince much interest in holding a discussion regarding our proposals.

Our beloved leader, late Sri. K. Madhavan Nair, had pointed out the discussion held with FNTO leaders, in his circulars and his last letter.

The Leaders of FNTO had helped him to argue for the pay scales of TTAs in the anomaly committee and supported him. They only are still fighting for the cause of the technical cadres and for training and posting of JTOs from those who have qualified in the last two screening tests.

In the circumstances, we can have some dealing with the FNTO only.

Due to financial shortage of the CHQ, as I mentioned in my earlier Circulars, it is not possible to register our union separetly in the corporatised structure, to be in the eligibility list of BSNL.

The department has informed, they are going to withdraw the limited trade union facilites to our union since we have not applied for eligibility. I have consulted with almost all circles Secretaries regarding the above matters and from all the corners, they were not interested in keeping our union alive.

Hence, for getting a platform to safeguard the interest of our members,I have not other option than going hand-in-hand with the FNTO. And I have decided to merge our R.T.E.U. with BSNL Union of FNTO i.e. National Union of BSNL Workers (NUBSNLW).

I request one and all to abide by this decision and co-opt our leaders to the circle/district steering committees of the new union and work together to achieve the goal of becoming the No. 1 Union in BSNL during membership verification.

with warm regards,
Your brotherly,
J.V. Deniel
General Secretary


No. BSNL/1/SR-2000 date 7/8/01
Sub : Non-transfer of Gr.C & D staff till completion of membership verification.

In continuation of this office letter of even No. dated 11.07.2001 on the above subject, it is clarified that these orders shall not be applicable in following cases :

(1) Promotion or change of cadre even if it involves change of stations.

(2) Own cost and request transfers.

It is further clarified that for the purpose of these orders, the stations like Chennai metro district shall be treated as single station.

A.K. Pathak

No. 5-4/2001/pers-IV Dated 9-8-2001
Subject : Diversion of 500 JTO vacacies from Direct Recruitment Quota to Departmental Quota.

I am directed to say that as per the decision taken by BSNL Board, the 500 vacant posts of JTOs from direct recruitment quota to 35% Departmental Quota has been diverted as mentioned below. Circle-wise total candidates qualified in 35% JTO Departmental quota and waiting for JTO training is as given below. These figures are received from various circles vide our letter No.5-32/99-SNG/Pers-IV dated 15-12-2000.

S. Name No. of Vacant
No. of the circle candidates Posts
waiting for alloted
JTO training
in 35% quota
1. A.P. 709 64
2. A&N 5 1
3. Assam 0 0
4. Bihar 0 0
5. Gujarat 466 42
6. Haryana 94 9
7. H.P. 87 8
8. J&K 8 1
9. Karnataka 762 69
10. M.P. 397 36
11. Kerala 624 57
12. MH 0 0
13. NE 10 1
14. Orissa 84 8
15. PB 0 0
16. Rajasthan 190 17
17. Tamilnadu 980 88
18. UP(E) 264 24
19. UP(W) 226 21
20. WB 0 0
21. NTR 5 1
22. CHTD 146 13
23. CTD 437 40
Total 5494 5001. The figure of NE includes NE-II, UP(W) includes UP(W) & Uttranchal and MP includes MP & Chattisgarth. This order issued in consultation with the T.E. Branch.
Draft procedure for determination of relative
strength of unions operating in an establishment
Under the central sphere by secret Ballot.
(Circulated On 13/8/2001)I. Collection of Preliminary Information
On receipt of a request either from the management or a union for holding a secret ballot for the purpose of recognition of a union in an establishment or in respect of any industry in a local area the following preliminary information will have to be collected by the Ministry of Labour through the field officers of the CIRM.
(i) Name of the all the unions, whether registered, together with names of Central Organisation of workers, if any, to which they are affiliated.
(ii) Number and date of registration of unions under the Trade Union Act, 1926.
(iii) Name of the recognised union, if any, in the establishment/industry and the date form which the recognition was granted.
(iv) Total No. of workers employed in the establishment.
(v) Copy of the Constitution of each of the Union operating in the establishment/industry.
II. Consent of the Parties
There being no legislative backing or national level agreement so far, for determining the representative method of secret ballot, in each case where secret ballot is proposed to be held for the Unions concerned for holding secret ballot for the purpose, the Ministry of Labour will obtain (i) consent of the managements and the unions conserned for holding secret ballot for the purpose. (ii) consent of both the management and the unions and the unions for secret ballot being conducted under the CIRM in the Central Sphere, (iii) undertaking from the management and also the Union that they will accept result of such secret ballot as binding the purpose, and (iv) undertaking from the management that they will accord recognition on the basis of the verdict of the secret Ballot.
(iii) Appointment of Returning Officers
After the consent/undertaking as mentioned in preceeding para is received from all concerned, the Ministry of labour will after scrutiny of data, advice the CIRM to conduct Secret Ballot, restricting the right to vote to workers who are on the roll of the management of the estaablishment/industry, There upon, the CIRM will notify the name of the returning Officer under whose supervision the election through Secret ballot will be conducted by management concerned.
(iv) Voters
All employees/workers borne on the muster roll of the establishment on the first day of the month in which the election is proposed to be held, will constitute the Voters list. Those workman engaged by contractors of any other agency, who are not directly employed by the management in the election of the representative union.
(v) Voters List
For conducting the ballot, the management will be required to furnish the requistite number of copies of voters list containing, inter alia the following information :-
(i) Name of the workman
(ii) Ticket/Token No.
(iii) Father's Name.
(iv) Designation
(v) Section/Department in which working.
(vi) On finalisation of the voters list, the Returning Officers will request the management to hold elections on a specified date and time which will be fixed after giving 15 days time to the management from the date of the request, made by the Returning Officers and would ensure that either the (Returning Officer) or his representative, remains present on the spot during the election period.
(VII) The management will give wide publicity to the date of election by informing the union and affixing a notice on the notice Board for the information of concerned workers.
(VIII) Providing Distinct Symbols
The management will give wide publicity to the date of election by informing the unions and affixing a notice on the notice board for the information of concerned workes.
All the eligible participating unions registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926, will be alloted seprate distinct symbols for identifying each contesting Union No union will be allowed a symbol which does not resembles, in any manner, the symbol of the other contesting union symbols, would be decided by the managemenet in consulation with the returning officer.
(ix) Ballot Paper
Ballot Papers will be prepared by the management mentioning the names of all the participating unions in an alphabetical order with a distinct serial number. All the ballot papers will be entrusted either to the returning officer or his reprensenative for distribution to the workers at the time of polling of votes.
(x) Banning of Public Meetings
No union will be allowed to hold any public meeting within or outside the premises of the establishment within 24 hours preceding the date of election. No person/official of the union will be allowed to canvass during working hours within the premises of the establishments.
(xi) Establishment of Polling Stations
The polling stations will be set up as near the premises of the establishment-as practicable and the polling will start and close at the time to be specified by the Returning Officer. For this Purpose, one or more voting compartments may be set up in accordance with the requirements.
(xii) Ballot Boxes
The ballot boxes will be provided by the management and these would be sealed befor the start and after the closed of the polling in the presence of representatives of the participating unions and the returning Officers or his representative, as the case may be.
(xiii) Counting of Votes
After the close of the polling, the ballot boxes will be opened and all votes counted in the presence of the representatives of the unions concerned and the returning officer. The result will be compiled on the basis of valid votes polled in favour of each union.
(xiv) Inadmissible votes

All votes which are marked more than one, spoiled, cancelled or damaged etc. will not be taken into account.
(xv) Declaration of Result
The result will be on the basis of simple majority votes.
(xvi) The returning officer will send a report of the result of polling on the basis of the votes polled in favour of each union in the CLC (C) who will send the same to this Ministry with their comments.
(xvii) The ministry of labour, on the basis of the report would communicate the result of the secret ballot to the management for confirment of recognition of the majority union.
(xviii) Period of Recognition
A union recognised on the basis of the result of secrer ballot will enjoy its recognised status for period of two years and their shall not be any change in its status for a period of two years from the date of the recognition. It can continue its recognised status even beyond the period of two years till any other union challenges its recognised status. In that event determination of a majority union as recognised union will keep enjoying its status.

C.H.Q. Notes
You are aware that the National Union Of Bsnl Workers, the FNTO union of BSNL has completed all formalities for the registrestion and organisational actions are also under progress. Most of the circle unit of the NUBSNL W is formed and organising the divisional level units is also progressing. Nevertheless few circles are yet to from the unit of Nubsnlw unit without any further delay. Due to my training, I am able to tour only Gujarat and nearby places, thought I have attended all the formal meetings with Member Services, CMD BSNL and with Labour Ministry officials. I am not planning to go for the 2nd phase of the JTO traininig, but to start the organisational tours from last week of October. I am sure with your co-operation, we will definitely win the membership verification.
Nfte's Maporpaganda
From the very beginning the Nfte- Gupta Group was engaged in a malpropaganda about the merger of Federations. The FNTO got no compulsion to merge with group of people, who have killed the inner trade union democracy and have no uniform policies or programme about the rights\demands of Telecome Workers. Todays NFTE wheter Gupta group or Namboodiri, both consists of more PENSIONERS than workers. Br. Basil DeSilva wrote to us that his talk with O.P. Gupta was a mere casual talk. We have already expressed our reservations to Br. Basil DeSilva, against the so-called discussions he had with NFTE, without the consent of FNTO leadership. The NFTEs propaganda, is with and intention of showing brave face and to stop exodus of their rank and file.
A meeting with Ministry of labour was held on 16/08/2001 at Delhi to discuss the formalities of conducting the verification. The NFTE opposed the secret ballet system, however all other unions supported the Secret Ballet. There were difference of opinion existed between the Unions and many such meetings may be required for short these differences.
NFTE leaders, who were making tall claims on their strength, got a rude shock on 16th August, when the Labor Ministry officials expressed doubt on the status of the BSNL to an industry. The Telecom is the industry and today the Telecom industry consists of, BSNL, MTNL, VSNL, and 40 other private companies. In this scenario BSNL is only an establishment and in an establishment, the unions, which would score more than 51% of votes, can only be recognized. Knowingly very well that they can not exceed not more than 20% of votes, NFTE requested the Labour Ministry to relax this condition. NFTE at last realized of their strength.
In the meeting with Labour Ministry, FNTO submitted, collective bargaining agreements of other corporations where more than one union have been recognized. In the ONGC, IOC, Airlines and many Industry more than one union is recognized and functioning well. On this, the Labour Ministry officials clarified that, there is no rule OR law on reorganization of Unions today in INDIA and BSNL management can decide on the number of unions to be recognized in BSNL. It was another shock to Mr. OP Gupta & Co., who was propagating that only one Union will be recognized, and trying to shallow other unions in the name of telecom Unity.
All other unions participated in the Labour Ministry meeting, told the Labour Ministry that no relaxation can be granted on the request of NFTE alone, and other unions should be taken into confidence before any decisions.
Menwhile massive exodus has started from NFTE both groups to FNTO. In Gujarat more that 150 Members of Palanpur and Surendranagar districts have switch over to FNTO from NFTE, While the BTEF members has already promised to VOTE in favour of FNTO as BTEF is not in a position to win the verification.
The FNTO/NUBSNLW Federal Working committee is meeting at Bombay of 15 & 16th Sept. 2001 to review the position and to take apt decisions in view of BSNL granting facilities of National Union of BSNL Workers.
Financial Position.
The financial position of FNTO unions is very bad. Infact nobody is sending quota either to NUTE Gr. C or to FNTO\NUBSNL W. This has severely hampering the organisational work, particularly the time of verification. I request all Circle secretaries to take personal attention to motivate the branches to clear the quota. Due to financial crisis, we are not in a position of release the NUTE Bu lletin.

List of office bearers of National Union of BSNL Workers, Gujarat Circle.
Sr. No. Post Name Designation Station
1. Circle President D. D. Mistry Chief S.S. Ahmedabad
2. Working President C.T. Motwani Chief S.S. Ahmedabad
3. Vice President I.I. Ajab Tele. Overseer Rajkot
4. Vice President G.L. Tandel Retired TS Valsad
5. Circle Secretary Thomas John K. TTA Ahmedabad
6. Asstt. Circle Secy H. M. Vaghasia TTA Ahmedabad
7. Asstt. Circle Secy V.N. Rathod TTA Anand
8. Asstt. Circle Secy M.K. Alam Sr. Toa (P) Dhrangadhra
9. Org. Secretary H. M. Belim SSS Ahmedabad
10. Fin. Secretary P.M. Shah TTA Vadodara

RNI Regd. No. DEL ENG/1997/448 Regd. DL No. 11027/2001Affiliation of all india telecom stenographers
association/bsnl personal staff association with fnto/
national union of bsnl workers
declaration made at mumbai on 12th August, 2001
The High Power Committee of the above Association/Union met at Mumbai today the 12th August, 2001 and unanimously decided to affiliate AITSA/BSNL Personal Staff Association with FNTO National Union of BSNL Workers.
In order to safeguard the interest of Telecom Cadres in the era of high technology and restructuring, coming together of like minded organisations is the need of the hour. This decision is necessitated to protect the existing rights of the workers, to mitigate the injustics met out to certain cadres like Stenographers and bargain better IDA Pay Scales etc.
FNTO will extend all support and strive hard to get implemented the recommendations of the committee set up by DOT for resturcturing the cadre of stenographers.
Proper representation will also be given to AITSA/BSNLPSA in the FNTO/NU of BSNL Workers union set-up.
All circle Secretaries/Office bearers are requested to work together to achieve the goal of first union in BSNL during the verification of membership.
(Thomas John)
President, FNTO/NUBSNLW(Rajasekharan Nair)
Secretary General, AITSA(G, Rajan)
President, AITSA
(K.P. Nair)
General Secretary, BSNLPSA
Vote & Canvass for
National Union of BSNL Workers.
A Union lead by Serving Telecom workers
Beware of Unions pocketed by Professionals and Pensioners.
Vote to NUBSNLW - A Vote to workers prosperity and progress.FNTO Edited, Printed & Published by Thomas John K. General Secretary, Owned by
National Union of Telecom Employees Group-C, and Published from :
D-9, Telegraphs Place, Gole Market, New Delhi-110001, Printed at Vandana Print & Co. 1885,
Gali Koliyen, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002. Phone : 3262747.